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Testing Services

Woodcock Johnson IV  


Benefits of this form of testing:


  • Includes 15 subtests in the areas of Reading, Math, Written Language, Science, Social Studies and Humanities...with only 3 subtests that are timed.

  • Includes Writing Samples for a more accurate assessment of a child’s writing ability.

  • Testing is completed on the same day and only takes a couple of hours for one child. 

  • Reduces test anxiety, as it is a more interactive form of testing, with many subtests completed orally.

  • Immediate Results shared with the parents after testing is completed.

  • No preparation is needed ahead of time, as it provides a gauge of what your child knows at this time in their educational journey.

  • Students are dropped off with me for the testing time period and when parents return, I will go over the results. 

  • I have been testing since 2006, with over 1500 goal is to provide a warm, caring atmosphere so that students actually desire to come back for testing!! 

Shiloh Umbrella Families.....$155 for the 1st/$145 sibling discount

Non-Umbrella Families.....$165 for the 1st/$155 sibling discount

Cognitive Test of Abilities is a unique test that is not for everyone. It can be done separately on another testing date OR on an off year from the standardized test of achievement.

It tests the following:

  • Cognitive processing speed

  • Basic reasoning skills...ability to reason, form concepts and solve problems

  • Working memory

  • Auditory processing...phonological processing

  • It also provides a General Intelligence Ability (correlates to an IQ...grade equivalence)

Recommended for families that need a deeper understanding of how a child is learning. It may be that there are struggles or that they are gifted....and you just need insight to how they are processing. 

As always, I do not offer a diagnosis...just insight and perspective to their learning.

The cost is $175 for Shiloh umbrella families and $185 for non-umbrella families.

Students tested individually, not with siblings.            

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