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  • My daughter has attended Shiloh Christian Academy since its beginning and absolutely loves it! Glenda is a truly gifted and wonderful teacher that truly loves each child as her own and desires for each one to excel in their education. A Christian education is very important to our family and we are thankful that Shiloh shares the same values as we do. It has been such a blessing to be part of such a wonderful school!

                     ~ Luci Luckenbach… Program/Testing Parent

  • Shiloh Christian Academy has been one of the most loved highlights of our children's home school education. The years spent there were full of learning, fun and deep friendships. Glenda Childs is a blessing to all those around her with her servant leadership and true love for her students. She has been a wonderful example to our family of God's love, His generous grace and Christ-centered education. Her love of the Lord is evident by her love of each person He places in her path. Glenda has the talent of teaching kids to love learning by relating "school" to everyday life and making it fun! My boys not only made wonderful friends and great memories, they were given a foundation of loving to learn from Glenda that has been a huge asset to them now that they are in the higher grades. I cannot recommend SCA enough! My only regret is that we did not start our kids there sooner.

~ Tiffany Flamm….Program/Testing Parent

  • “Shiloh is not just a school, it is a family of awesome people who laugh with each other, share their thoughts and their lives with each other, encourage each other and build each other up in the Lord. Thank you for setting the ultimate example for us and for being a Godly example for all of us kids. Thank you for praying for us at Shiloh and during the week. Thank you for being the best teacher ever!”

                            ~ Kendall…Program/Testing student

  • “Thank your so much for being such a great teacher! Seriously, you are the best teacher I have ever had. I am going to miss you and all the fun times we have had.”

                                ~ Lucy….Program Student

  • My three children have tested with Glenda for several years. It has been an excellent experience for both my children and myself. My children do not get stressed or worried before or during the test. After the test, Glenda is able to give me very specific areas that we need to work on for the upcoming year. Our family has tested with Glenda annually which has allowed us to really see the progress our children are making. One of the first questions my children ask after we leave Glenda’s each year is, “When do we get to go back?"

                                 ~Julie Forsyth….Testing/Consultation/Umbrella Parent

  •  My greatest endorsement of Glenda is from my son. Before I dropped him off for testing the first time he was convinced that he was going to be tortured. While I assured him that Glenda had been highly recommended by many of our friends, he was still anxious. However, when I returned to pick him up, he met me at the door with a huge smile. Not only that, but when I told him that 4th grade testing was not required, he assured me that he wanted to go back for testing again. I would highly recommend Glenda and Shiloh Services. She is accountable, efficient and well organized. She is also delightful and makes all the administrative and record keeping requirements a joy to complete. Thanks Glenda!

                        ~ Beth Sage Testing/Consultation/Umbrella Parent

  • We love Shiloh Christian Academy! Glenda Childs is a gifted teacher who provides an encouraging learning environment with a Christ-centered focus. The umbrella home school option is a great service and the Woodcock-Johnson testing program is outstanding. The time Glenda spends after the tests to review the results, provide encouragement, and discuss home education strategies is incredibly valuable. We cannot give Glenda and Shiloh Christian Academy a higher recommendation.

       ~Rick & Kerri Ellerbrock Testing/Consultation/Umbrella Parents

  • I cannot recommended Glenda Childs and Shiloh Christian Academy highly enough! Glenda has been such an encouragement to me in my homeschool journey, helping me select curriculum and providing information for field trips, classes, and outside resources I wouldn't have known about otherwise. When my kids have taken classes with Glenda, they have always received personal attention, with a strong emphasis on character and developing a right relationship with God. Her heart is truly to help parents train up their children to know and love Jesus, and she glorifies Him in all she does. I also recommend Glenda for testing. Before we tested with Glenda, the state requirement for testing took so much time and effort and many tears, not to mention weeks of waiting for test results to come back. Once we started testing with Glenda, there has been no test anxiety, no time wasted preparing for the test, and no stress. Best of all, we get the results right away. My kids will actually tell you they look forward to testing and even enjoy it -- which I attribute not only to the way the test is structured but also to the way Glenda interacts with and values every child as an individual.                                                                                                                                                                                    ~ Michele Blake Program/Testing/Umbrella Parent

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