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Candice Tabacchi – Elementary

Shiloh 1st-3rd grade students spend two days each week learning with their peers under the thoughtful instruction of an experienced educator. Students fulfill their annual requirements for Bible, Writing, Science, and Social Studies while attending Shiloh. In addition to these academic subjects, students spend time in worship, prayer, movement, art, games, and outdoor play each day. Our elementary program focuses on strong, differentiated academics in addition to an emphasis on spiritual, social, and emotional growth. Organization, time management, classroom norms and expectations, quality of work, test preparation, independent work, test taking, portfolio creation, and presentations are all important work habits students develop at this level. Team work, responsibility, life skills, and the understanding of the fruit of the spirit all contribute to the strong community amongst these young people. Shiloh elementary students are wonderful friends to each other and enjoy their interactions with the older students, too. Beyond all of these meaningful components, our true passion is to impart the heart and character of God into the next generation!

Daily Schedule


Tuesday's and Thursday's from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

9a-10a Welcome, Pledge, Worship, Prayer & Bible

Bible - Bible stories, Verse memorization & Activities 

10a-11a Centers, Movement & Morning Recess

11a-12p Writing

Writing - Handwriting, Grammar, Spelling & Composition 

12p-1p Lunch/Recess

1p-2p Social Studies

Social Studies - Responsible Citizenship, Families, Holidays Around the World, Community Economics, Geography, America, Pilgrims & Native Americans 

2p-3p Science, Clean Up & Goodbyes 

Science - Mammals (Semester 1)

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