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Our Teachers

Erin Knight – English

Sarah Ritz – Global Studies, Science

Lynda Finch – Art

Grace Rapert – Graphic Design

When the Lord opened the door for Shiloh Christian Academy to offer a high school program in the fall of 2023, He not only provided the space to meet but also a group of talented and dedicated staff to partner with our homeschool families. Like our elementary and middle school programs, our mission is to impart the heart and character of Jesus to our students. Our goal is to create opportunities for success and growth as our students pursue Christ. We endeavor to cultivate an environment where we encourage and support one another in glorifying God both in and out of the classroom. Our instructors have an abiding love for our Lord Jesus and are passionate about sharing their time and talents with students in their areas of expertise. We offer a variety of both core and elective classes to supplement your homeschool program. Please see the list below for descriptions of our current course offerings. 

Daily Schedule

Tuesday's and Thursday's from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


9a-10a ~ Science

10a-11a ~ Graphic Design

11a-12p ~ Art (Tuesdays) Global Studies (Thursdays)

12p-1p Lunch/Recess

1p-2p ~ Off Period

2p-3p ~ English

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